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Special Instructions

Laundering T-Shirts and Clothing

T-Shirts and clothing should be laundered without fabric softener or dryer sheet and in good condition; no cuts or tears in the pattern. Stains or discolorations will show up on your quilt.  Fabrics must be smoke and fragrance free.

All fabrics that are a loose weave, such as knit fabrics have a stabilizer/interfacing ironed on the back for support.  Fabric softener or dryer sheets will not allow the stabilizer / interfacing to adhere to the fabric.

Fabric Selection and Batting

Cotton fabric is preferred for the sashing, blocks, borders and backing.  Flannel can also be used.  Always wash flannel first.  It shrinks! Use a color that will compliment your shirts. 

Unless you think that the fabric might bleed or shrink, I don't recommend laundering new fabric.

It is best to stay with solid colors that coordinate with the colors in your t-shirts for the sashing, blocks, borders, binding and backing. However, that is a personal preference. I have used both colorful fabrics for photo quilts and t-shirt quilts. People have used a sheet for the backing, which should feel soft and/or wrinkle free for best results.  Some sheets wrinkle after washing.  Stripes or plaids are discouraged for backing because they do not always line up correctly. However, that is your choice and I cannot guarantee the outcome.

When you purchase the batting, cotton/poly is preferred. It has a 3% shrinkage factor.  When washed this will give a puffy old look as seen in many of the expensive quilts.  It is not as fluffy, however, it is wonderfully warm and cozy. The 100% polyester batting will give a fluffier look. It will not shrink like the cotton/poly batting.  However, if you use poor quality of fabric, the fabric might shrink. 

It is your responsibility to provide the fabric and batting after our initial consultation.

If I purchase the materials for you, the cost of the goods plus a $20.00 per hour shopping/mileage charge will be added to the price of the quilt.

Please allow at least 4-8 weeks for each quilt.

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