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Stitching Long Lasting Memories
T-shirt Quilts
Have you ever gone on a vacation and brought home t-shirts? Have you ever been at school and had a gazillion different t-shirts stashed in your closet and didn't know what to do with them? How about just some of your favorite sports teams or just cute sayings? Or your Mom and Dad's t-shirts after they are gone.  You ask yourself "what do I do with them now?" Well, putting those favorite pictures, sayings or whatever into a quilt will give you lasting memories to cuddle up in.                                                              

I quilt them anyway you would like but the most popular way is between strips of fabric and corner blocks.

The following sizes are based on a 12" t-shirt block.

If a smaller quilt, such as a wall hanging, table runner or the like is desired, of course the price will be less and will be determined by the difficulty, size of quilt and time involved. Call for pricing.

12 shirts- approx 48X64 (throw size)

20 shirts -  approx. 64 x82 - (twin size)                                                              

30 shirts - approx. 82 x 96 - (full size)

36 shirts -  approx. 96 x 96 - (queen size)
42 shirts- approx. 96 x 110 -(king size)   

The fronts need to be at least 16" square and the picture should not be more than 14" square for the standard T-shirt quilt . 

If the pictures are of various sizes, such as some are 10" x 10" or 14" x 14" and the rest are 12" x 12" then the quilt becomes a variable quilt (click on left side of this screen for the variable quilt screen).  Call for pricing.

Each side of a shirt, pocket or design counts as one shirt, for example, to use the pocket on the front and a picture on the back, are two shirts.

"The Drama Club"

"Visiting the Southwest"

"Memories Past"

"Go Ute's"

"The Wolf Pack"

"Mountain West Basketball Conference"


"Go Lions"

"Number 31"

"U of U vs. BYU"

"Cross Country Motorcross"


"Leap'in Lizards"

"Lady Panthers"


"Sexiest Man Alive"

"The Eliminator"

"Vegas Motorcross"


"Family Fun"

"Winning Isn't Everything"

"Party in a Pack"

"Gift to their Church"

"Doe Run"

"My Brother's t-shirts"

"Gift for Teacher"

"Memories of Love"

"Big H"

"Music Lover"

 "Notre Dame"


"Crazy Quilt"

"Parrish 6"

" Go Crazy"

"Three Wishes"

"15 Blocks"

"Dance Fusion"


"Army Girl"



"Sam's Semi-variable Quilt"

"Go Tops!"

"The Thrill of Victory"

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